Scandinavia — China Culture Exchange (SCCE) is a bridge that connects businesses and tourist boards in Northern Europe with Chinese tourism and Chinese companies seeking business partners in the Nordic region.

SCCE has years of expertise in the Chinese tourist industry to Europe. We offer a variety of unique services in connecting businesses and brands with Chinese travelers in print and digital mediums.

SCCE connects brands with Chinese Tour Guides in Scandinavia with a network of over 300 Chinese tour guides in the Nordic region.

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Access to a highly affluent and brand loyal tourists who flock to Europe every year.


We offer a variety of unique services in connecting your brand with Chinese travelers and businesses.


Our services extend deep into the tourist industry with access to permanent advisors and counsellors to the Chinese travelers.


SCCE offers extremely attractive travel packages for group travel. We specialize in Chinese tour groups looking to experience the extraordinary appeal of Scandinavia’s beautiful nature, historic landscapes, rich culture and friendly people.

Visiting the Nordic region in spring you will experience scenery is at its most magnificent, with flowers blossoming and snow melting into waterfalls. Summer is filled with sunshine and happiness and you will find a great and wonderful verity of activities all around the Nordic counties. During Autumn the nature is glowing and heavenly. Winter offers delightful experiences of luxury and culture. All year round the Nordic region will give you a holiday that will leave you truly relaxed, rejuvenated and with memories that you will never forget!

Europe still a more popular tourist destination than the USA


Chinese Tourists in Europe

Chinese tourists to Europe have steadily increased in numbers in the last few years.
In future, the Chinese will make an even bigger mark on Europe’s tourist hotspots – such as the Eiffel Tower or Castle Neuschwanstein – than they do today.

The World Tourism Organization expects that, in 2020, a quarter of all tourists
visiting Europe from Asia will come from China. Europe currently takes first place on the Chinese traveller’s list of preferred destinations.

In China, Europe is particularly appreciated for its landscape, culture and history. In particular, sites which are important for Chinese history, such as the places where deng Xiaoping’s studied and worked in France, generate great interest. besides cultural motivations, the great reputation boost that a trip to Europe means at home is the main reason for many Chinese to travel.

To additionally increase prestige in their respective domestic social environments, Chinese tourists tend to purchase high-quality gifts and souvenirs for friends at home, relatives and work colleagues on their European tour.

Not only has the number of Chinese travellers increased enormously over the last few years, but also their willingness to spend.


Maps in Chinese for Chinese tourists traveling to Europe.

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A gateway to elegance and the mind of the Chinese tourist.

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Media that creates brand awareness in viewers.

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Support in connecting you to the right Chinese network.

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Advertising opportunities: We tap directly into the Chinese travel industry to Europe which currently takes first place on the Chinese traveller’s list of preferred destinations. We also offer direct access to Chinese students looking to study in the Nordic region.

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Lifestyle Magazine

Our highly acclaimed fashion and lifestyle magazine is distributed to hundreds of thousands of Chinese tourists as they visit France, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Chinese Media Creation

Have you considered marketing yourself in Mandarin? Our creation of specialized media for a Chinese audience can have a powerful impact on your brand.

Study Abroad Hub

Our online hub for Chinese students looking for information in their own language is becoming extremely popular with the sons and daughters of China’s most wealthy.

Tourist City Maps

Our specialized Chinese language tourist city maps are finding their way into the hands Chinese travelers all over Europe. This is one of our clients’ favorites.

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  • SCCE helps companies of all sizes and cultural institutions seeking business partners to meet their interests and requirements. We also provide consulting services, including market information East-West trade. SCCE provides cultural and commercial exchange for Chinese provinces, cities delegations visiting Nordic countries.
  • SCCE has developed successful cooperation with both domestic and foreign businesses, as well as cultural institutions and government departments at all levels.  We work to broaden the channels of communication and the friendly exchanges between China and Northern Europe. SCCE has hosted hundreds of cultural and business visits.
  • SCCE also provides access and introduction for Chinese people looking start a new life in Scandinavia. Northern Europe’s high standard of living is extremely attractive for Chinese looking to create a future abroad.
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