Chinese Tourist City Maps

We provide specialized Chinese language city maps for tourists and they are finding their way into the hands Chinese travelers all over Europe. Our maps are designed espesialy for Chinese tourists traveling the capitals of Europe.

Our Chinese Tourist City Maps are available free within metropolitan areas and includes, but not limited to, airports, hotels, boutiques, shopping centers and tourist destinations.

Local information can be found and highlights interesting places to visit, museums, shopping and restaurants. Sightseeing is a wonderful way to explore European cities and options include walking, walking tours, bus tours and boat tours.

Designed for Chinese

Our maps are designed for a Chinese tourists. Our maps are bright and animated; filled with Chinese language information and details that interest and inform tourists as they journey between the culturally rich capitals of Europe.

Chinese love information and the more information the better. Our maps are filled with facts and information that are sought after by Chinese travellers throughout Europe.

We want our maps to fall into the hand of the ever increasing Chinese traveller as they appreciate Europe especially for its landscape, culture and history. The World Tourism Organization expects that, in 2020, a quarter of all tourists visiting Europe from Asia will come from China.

Great Ad Spaces

Our maps provide great marketing spaces for any kind of local business or global brand.

We offer our clients a complete media package from design to transcreation services that leverage both linguistic and cultural expertise to deliver the message and brand voice to the target audience in each local market.

Transcreation is at the heart of our English to Chinese implementation process, helping our clients to deliver powerful, locally relevant advertising to the China market.


Our Network

Our network extends deep into the tourist industry with access to permanent advisors and counsellors to the Chinese travelers. Access to a highly affluent and brand loyal tourists who flock to Europe every year.

  • Direct distribution at tourist hotspots
  • At top hotels where Chinese tourists stay
  • Accessible at Stockholm Arlanda Airport
  • Distribution spots at main harbors
  • Local restaurants and cultural areas
  • Promoted by Chinese travel guides
  • Distributed to EU tour bus companies
  • Through partner networks
  • Promoted through SCCE Tour Guide Association
  • Available online in China for direct download

Hotel Distribution

  • Comfort Hotel Vesterbro
  • Copenhagen
  • Marriott Hotel
  • Copenhagen Plaza
  • Grand Hôtel Stockholm
  • Grand Hotel Copenhagen
  • Grand Hotel Oslo
  • Hilton Copenhagen Airport
  • Imperial Hotel
  • Palace Hotel Copenhagen
  • Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Falconer Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Royal Hotel
  • Scandic Copenhagen
  • Scandic Front
  • Scandic Sydhavnen
  • Scandic Webers
  • Skt. Petri
  • Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center
  • Hilton Helsinki Airport
  • Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa
  • Hilton Helsinki Strand Klaus K
  • Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania
  • Dalen Hotel Fretheim
  • Hotel Gudvangen Fjordtell
  • Hotel Alexandra
  • Hotel Bristol
  • Lindstrøm Hotel
  • The Thief
  • Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport
  • First Hotel Grims
  • Grenka Hilton Stockholm Slussen
  • Hotel J
  • Hotel Skeppsholmen
  • Miss Clara By Nobis
  • Nobis Hotel
  • Nordic Light Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Strand Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel
  • Sheraton Stockholm Hotel


The Nordic region currently takes first place on the Chinese traveller’s list of preferred destinations.
The World Tourism Organisation expects that, in 2020, a quarter of all tourists visiting Europe from Asia will come from China.
The currently preferred way to travel is in a package deal in which a group with a tour guide often visits eight countries in ten days.
Experienced Chinese travelers are increasingly booking individual trips, or they choose to travel without a group and a tour guide because understanding and orientation are increasingly less of an issue.
  • Leisure 77 %
  • Business 20 %
  • VFR / Other 3 %
All Chinese travel purposes for trips abroad (in %)